This quote by Elliott Erwitt, considered a master of capturing the decisive moment, sums up what I love about photography. It entices my sense of awareness and guides me to notice, compose and capture fleeting moments in my life. For me, photography is a journey to observe and express myself and find out who I am.

Since 2012, I have been composing and capturing fleeting moments in my life on my iPhone.



My photographs are featured on many mobile photography websites and blogs including:

The App Whisperer



 iPhoneography Central

Awards and Nominations

The Hipstography Awards   

MPA Awards

The Gala Awards

Julia Margaret Cameron Award, 7th edition, 2015

Pollux Award, 7th edition, 2015

  • Finalist in People, Culture and Daily Life

Julia Margaret Cameron Award, 8th edition, 2015

  • Runner up and Finalist in Cell Phone Photography

Julia Margaret Cameron Award, 11th edition, 2018

  • Honorable Mention and Finalist in Cell Phone Photography

Group Exhibitions